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1. Decorative tread brackets may be our company’s single most signature stair product. Our brackets can be a statement for a home’s interior or the surrounding countryside. Some of our brackets include the Mountain Flower, Fern, Dogwood, Anchor, and Stock Scroll. We also have the capabilities to design new ideas or duplicate a bracket a customer may have seen.
2. Capping or laminated curved railing is an important part of the construction procedure. With this cap, an appearance of a solid piece of wood makes for a quality crafted railing.
3. Another focal point of a custom stairway is the volute or volutes. Ranging in size from 10 to 25 inches in diameter, our volutes are crafted to fit the size of the stairway in a correct proportion. Although a stock volute is available, roughly 90% of our volutes are a custom climbing version. In whatever species of wood is used for the stairway, specific grain is selected for these beginning railing components.
5. Two standard trim pieces come on our stairways. A 1” x 5/16” trim is added to the bottom side of the stringers. The other type is a 7/8” x ¾” cove molding. It’s placed under the treads to trim the area. This gives a thicker tread appearance. A third flex trim is available upon request for the bottom edge of the stringer. This area is treated in a variety of ways. Therefore, the flex trim does not come standard with the stairs.
4. We offer a large variety of balusters and newels both wood and metal. If, however, the customer has found a picture of a baluster product elsewhere, we can reproduce it in wood and our sources can reproduce it in metal. Newel posts are offered in a number of custom designs, or we can more cost effectively produce a newel to match a baluster pattern. The railing profile can also be anything the customer chooses.
6. Floor returns begin at the bottom of our stringers. This offers a graceful start to the stairs, as well as, adding strength and stability.
7. Our first 3 or 4 treads will have a curved leading edge. This graceful appearance gives the feeling of a splayed or wider stairway at the bottom.
8. Another construction issue that we feel is important is the way we build our stair stringers. As with most stair companies, we use plywood to build up the body of our stringers. However, our external wood surface is not plywood. Regardless of species, we use solid material on the outer skin from as thin as 1/8” up to 3/8” depending on the tightness of the radius. If the stairway is straight, we will use a solid 5/4 or 1 1/8” thick stringer. Plaster grounds are also applied to our stringers for added support and plaster or drywall application.
9. We can laminate the curved skirt board of your balcony. This will fit your railings and nosings exactly and in the long run save time and money.
10. We deliver 95% or our products in person. In this way we will assist setting the stairs in place and go over installation procedures. If the contractors/carpenters do not wish to install our product, an installer will be provided for an additional fee.
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