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What types of stairs do you make?
We make traditional wooden staircases and railings. Some of the configurations we make are straight, split with platforms, curved, circular, and spiral. We also perform stair remodeling.
We have an existing stair system in our house that needs a remodeled. Can you help?
Yes. Approximately 50% of our work is stairway replacement.
Do you provide free estimates?
Estimate price varies depending on if there is a need for travel to the job site or if the estimate can be done on the phone or from blueprints. We prefer to speak with the home owner to assure their satisfaction.
Do you install?
Yes. For more information about installing please contact us.
Are you able to make custom spindles/ balusters?
Yes. If you have seen a product you like other than ours or have your own personal design, we can produce it.
Are your staircases pre-assembled in the shop?
Shop assembly allows us to produce a better product. Whenever necessary, because of room restraints, some products need to be assembled on the job.    
Do you also do small jobs?
Yes, 40% of our work involves small projects.
What is the code for building stairs in my area?
Because we build and install stair systems all over the world, building codes may vary. Please consult with your local zoning board. Also, local architects should be able to furnish this information.
Do you make metal stairs?
No. We do, however, supply them.
I don’t live in the United States. Can you build my stairs?
Yes. We do build internationally.
Why do the shade, color and grain of handrail elements vary?
Different grain patterns in the same species of wood receive stain differently. We try to minimize this wherever possible.
What are some of the types of lumber you use?
The most common types of wood we employ are oaks, maple and cherry although we can build your staircase out of the lumber of your choice. Other species we have used are: American walnut, American hickory, Brazilian cherry, Brazilian tiger wood, and African mahogany.
Do you work with private clients or just builders and architects?
We work with builders and architects, and will also work directly with the homeowner. We have found home owners want to be involved in the planning and design process.
Is your price competitive?
Yes, as long as you are comparing the same product.
I have an existing straight stair in my house. Can you replace it with a curved stair?
Many times in our past, we have been able to replace a straight stair with a curved stair. It all depends on available space. Another alternative is to have a partial curve or a flare at the bottom of the stairway.
Do you have stairs in stock?
No. We build our stairs for the customer by hand one at a time. This ensures the stair is a proper fit, and it is built to the customer’s individual taste.
Do you have stair parts in stock?
Yes. We do stock some stair parts and most can be produced in 1-2 weeks.
How long does the process take for a new stair system from concept to installation?
It usually takes 4-7 weeks.
How can I tell if a curved stair will work in my house?
Contact us by phone with specifications or send us blueprints.
Do you finish, stain or paint my stair and railings?
No. We do not finish our stair products. Matching your specific stain or paint color is best done at the job sight.

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Owned and operated by second-generation stair builder Ted Goff, Stair Specialist, Inc. specializes in the construction of standard and custom stairways.

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