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Stair Specialists, Inc. is celebrating our 50th Anniversary in 2016. It didn’t happen by accident, our commitment to mastering the stair building craft and customer service over the years made our stairs the most desirable in the nation. Keeping our company small allows us to work very close with the home owner, architect, builder, and interior designer. When you hire Stair Specialists, Inc. you will deal directly with the company's owner, Ted Goff. We believe that every client deserves the same level of service and quality, no one provides better vision and execution than Ted. We’ve come to find that working with you directly ensures you get the best results by eliminating any potential middlemen.
Over the course of our existence, we have built hundreds of stairs of almost every style and every material available. We want nothing more than to produce a product that fits your home and lifestyle, whether it be simple or ornate. We strive to build you the finest stairs imaginable. We distribute our products anywhere in the United States, and in special cases, internationally. We coordinate your stair building project through phone, email, fax, and mail. When necessary, we will visit the job site before starting on construction.
Want to see some samples? Clients may request photos from our portfolio, either through our brochure or online. If you have a special design in mind, just ask, and we’ll explore your options!
Interested in learning more about our process? Visit our Technical Information page. It’s full of useful information about designing, constructing, and installing the stairs you desire.
Have questions that might not be covered here or anywhere else on our site? Contact us now! We would love to talk to you and answer any of your questions at your convenience.
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Owned and operated by second-generation stair builder Ted Goff, Stair Specialist, Inc. specializes in the construction of standard and custom stairways.

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